Radiator Hoses

On 3/29, I replaced both large radiator hoses.  I don’t know how successful it was, as I still see puddles of fluid under the car.  I can’t see where it is leaking from now, and I am not seeing where the coolant level is dropping, so perhaps it is coming from somewhere else much more slowly.

This repair wasn’t too bad, though the last metal worm clamp was a nuisance.  The head was facing away from anywhere I could reach, so I cut it off with a Dremel tool instead.

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Cooling Problems

Yesterday, I finally took a few minutes to work under the hood of the Malibu.  It has been dripping antifreeze for quite some time, and every few weeks, I have added more.

I pulled over yesterday to take a photo and I could see steam coming up from where there was a leak.

It looks like one of the radiator hoses was not clamped down on the hose properly.  Once the engine cooled, I slid the hose forward and reclamped it.  I think it is fixed for now.

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The Malibu sat for several weeks over Christmas.  It needed to have the battery charged before it could be brought into service again.  I charged the battery using a trickle charger overnight from 1/8/17-1/9/17.  I have had no other problems since then.

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Jump Start and Off to Socorro

The school year is about to start, so I jump started the Malibu and drove it down to Socorro.  It will live there off and on throughout the year so that when I take the buses and trains to Socorro (I live 95 miles from my work), I’ll have a device to work the yard.

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Coolant Overflow Bottle

A few weeks ago, the coolant bottle on the Malibu finally crapped out and dumped all of its contents all over the Magdalena School parking lot.  I limped it into their auto shop and for $62.50, and a few days later, I had a new overflow bottle and a running car again.

Thanks again to the Magdalena School.  Screw you, again, to Leseburg’s that screwed it up in the first place.

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Battery Dead Again- Getting Replacement

I returned from Christmas Vacation to find the battery totally dead.  I jumped it with the Crown Vic, and it ran for a few seconds, until I shifted into gear, and then it died again.

I will be replacing this battery this weekend.

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Battery Dead

I left the Malibu over Thanksgiving break. I didn’t start it for about two weeks. When I returned, the car was totally dead and required a jump.

Other than that, the engine light has come on, but the coolant light (false alarm) has gone out.

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